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  1. Our board is telling the members that we are to small of an organization to follow Roberts Rules because we are only a PTO. Will we lose anyhting by giving up Roberts Rules from a legal point? The board has stated no one should be worried the members will always have the final say , but how would that be possible if it isn't stated in our bylaws?
  2. If 2/3 of the members vote yes to do away with Roberts Rules is there anything the rest of the members can do who would like to keep RONR ?
  3. Just going with our bylaws where the board will have the final say .
  4. Our current bylaws state that RONR shall govern the organization in all cases in which they are applicable. Now our current executive board wants to do away with Robert's Rules.They want to remove that part of our by laws can they do this?
  5. liz


    Recently someone told me that Roberts Rules has done away with the Excutive Board and now it is just an Executive Committee is this true and if so what decisions are they entitled to make?
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