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  1. Thank you, gentlemen! You have given me the direction I can rightfully take. My city council needs to right some errors and check their ethical code of conduct.
  2. This building has changed from the original presentation, ie. number of units, number of stories, parcels of land occupied, and design from 2018-2019. There is no record in the minutes, that I can find, of an amended motion that address changing any of the above mentioned categories. So, is the first motion made about a 50-unit, 3 story building on 2 parcels of land the standing motion? What if this building goes through and it is different from the first motion, such as 60-unit, 4 story building on 3 parcels of land? What can citizens do to challenge what is happening? .
  3. April 2, 2018, our city council made a motion, seconded, and voted in favor of the construction of a 50-unit mixed income housing project on the southern portion of city owned property in 2019. In a May 21, 2018, council meeting, the developer was preparing their tax credit application for the project and requested adoption of a Resolution of Support. In a Whereas, the housing development is written as a 60 unit apartment . A motion was made, seconded and approved in favor. My question is: should the first motion of April 2 be rescinded because the number of units has changed in the second motion of May 21? Should the rescinding of the first motion be on record? Where on record?
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