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  1. Thanks, Josh. Great Steaming Cobnuts, I got to get out of this habit of stopping reading at the end of the sentence that precedes the one I need.
  2. I'm missing this. Is there a citation, please?
  3. I thought I understood this when we hashed it out in '03 or '04 or so, but maybe not. The assembly can properly adopt a motion that no computer equipment shall be purchased for 90 days -- don't we agree that this is so? And it's superfluous -- window-dressing -- to rephrase this substantive order as a procedural one, such as by tacking "- The assembly shall not entertain a motion -" onto the front. (Though now I'm confused as to how this 90-day restriction would not run afoul of the "tie the hands" principle. But I have the feeling that rescinding by a majority after previous notice waves away this concern -- but I forget where that is. Someone help me out on this wrinkle too, please?) (And finally, as to J. J's statement, isn't it so that if the chair declared the special-rule motion adopted (of course assuming that previous notice requirements were satisfied), and no point of order were made at the time, then the rule would be adopted, notwithstanding its failure to achieve the proper threshold?)
  4. Well. If I knew he'd maybe gettin married soon, I wouldna been hittin on him all this time.
  5. Dan, however did you figure Rhonda was asking about a charter school, without borrowing Kim's crystal ball, which you advised me in 2004 to give him back??
  6. ... Just reading along, I never expected the story to end so abruptly. -- GcT
  7. has not set their status

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