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  1. I was thinking he said violation of By-Laws. Reference pg 343 under Improper Motions.
  2. Any motion that violates by laws is an improper motion any action taken on an improper motion is null and void.
  3. If a council votes on a resolution fail or pass is it considered disposed of after the chair announces the result of the vote?
  4. R.S.M


    Law states. The board shall establish its own rules of procedure. Nothing else provided. Ref TN Code annotated 7-52-110 (d).
  5. R.S.M


    Was a public utilities board appointed by a city council.
  6. R.S.M


    This board was a utilities board with nothing governing the meetings. We hadn't to date established any Rules, and I was wondering if there is no rules how would you table something?
  7. R.S.M


    If a board has not yet established Rules of Procedure, Is it automatically assumed that RONR 11th edition is that boards Rules of procedure?
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