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  1. Thank you for your quick response. This all is very helpful. Our by-laws do allow the Board to conduct discipline. Aidan
  2. Our club held an emergency board meeting to deal with a disciplinary issue of one of our members. We ended up going into an executive session. The secretary has sent out, to the board via email, the minutes of both meetings. One for the emergency meeting and one when we were in executive session. I have a couple of questions regarding the wording for these minutes. Should names of those who spoke to give evidence of the members actions whose behavior was being discussed, be listed in the emergency meeting minutes? And should the name of the person being disciplined be named? No names are mentioned in the executive session minutes. And second, are the Board of Directors required to make public the minutes for those meetings? Are there special issues related to these types of meeting minutes that we should be aware of before we approve them? Thanks you for your help. Aidan
  3. I am looking to buy a RONR book. Some of our board members have the 11th edition, but unsure of what changes maybe in the 12th edition we may need. We all want to be on the same page as a board. I believe our bylaws only state, this is the rule of Parliamentary order
  4. Can we as a board call a special meeting to discuss this matter and go into executive session? If we do this can we ask the President to leave because we will be discussing her and her influence on some members would be uncomfortable. Can we call for a vote during this meeting?
  5. I serve on a Board of Directors under a social club. We follow RROO. Our President has been seeking advice from other members of the club regarding Board votes, because she doesn't agree with majority vote passing. She is not turning to her board for advice on any matter. How should we handle this issue. Another issue is she gave an unauthorised member the password to her Administration capabilities on our website. She delete authorized administrators and now the web host has shut down our website. This has all of our membership records, official documents, calendar of events on this site. We are unsure how to proceed with this knowledge, and if this is reason for removal from her position on the board. If so, how do we go about this process. She has also shared untruths to the general membership at general membership meeting.
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