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  1. Awesome. Thank you for the quick response Richard Brown. Do you by chance have an RONR reference I can use to refer too. I'm new to the city council and would like to present some sort of evidence to an in experienced board and clerk. Googling just isn't much help concerning this topic. Looks like it's time to purchase a copy of RONR.
  2. Once a main motion is made, can someone else amend the motion? I used to think so, now I'm questioning myself.
  3. I'm a new member of the Town Board of Trustees. Our regularly scheduled meeting is coming up on 8/12/2019. The agenda contains multiple duplicate agenda items and are (in my opinion) out of order. I'm concerned that any actions taken during the meeting will be invalid due to the way the agenda is currently written. Anyone have any suggestion on how to correct the issue during the meeting to ensure that any actions taken are not illegal or null due to the way the agenda is written? Currently the Agenda does not require approval. However two Board Members requested to have the duplicate it
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