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  1. Josh, I'm actually thinking of creating a separate intranet site just for board members, but it's along the lines you're suggesting. Don
  2. Good questions. Sorry for the confusion. We're a nonprofit and our president (actually, our executive director) is not a board member. We consider salary discussions to be private--only board members present--so the executive director isn't in the room. Of course, he will know the results of the decision. The locked file drawer is certainly one solution, but since our secretary is elected, we'd need to make sure the key is transferred. We are, however, for the most part, paperless, keeping most documents on our private intranet. Therefore, the "key" becomes the password for that section of the private site. I appreciate all your thoughts--this forum is a wonderful resource. I'm going to use your comments to prepare a report for our Executive Committee and then we'll decide how we want to handle this. Regards to all, Don Benjamin
  3. Josh, Indeed! It's that last part--making them available only to the board members--that's my conundrum. I can certainly send separate minutes to only the board members, but where does the corporation file them so that the staff cannot see them? Our president has access to all files and documents. Or maybe that's not really a problem. In other words, since the minutes record only the action, not the discussion, then does it matter if the president reads the motion and approval? Probably not. Though it may be awkward if the motion wasn't approved. I really appreciate you're taking the time to help me with this issue. It's part RONR-related and part document management.
  4. Thanks Josh. Agree--minutes are only for the motions and decisions, but those actions include the sensitive information. For example, "Bill moved to approve the president's salary of $50,000. After discussion, the board approved the motion." I believe this should go into the minutes--but it's confidential. Don Benjamin
  5. I am our board's secretary. We usually hold an executive session (without staff) at the end of each meeting to discuss personnel issues, such as salaries, benefits, etc. Because the board minutes are posted on our Intranet site, which the staff can view, they include only the topics we discussed, not the details that would be considered confidential. My question is: If I were to include the details of our private discussions and decisions, how would we keep the minutes of that part of our meeting confidential? The staff needs to reference the non-private sections of the board minutes. Thanks. Don Benjamin
  6. I'm the secretary of our board with a question about how to record a telephone vote in our meeting minutes. Our board held a special meeting by conference call to approve a resolution. When it was time to vote, I polled the members in the same fashion as a roll call vote. However, holding a vote by roll call per se requires majority approval, which we did not seek because there was no other way to vote (voice votes don't work on a conference call and we didn't have any other electronic means where everyone could monitor the voting procedure.) I assume the minutes should only indicate the total "ayes" and "nays" as though it was a vote by a show of hands, and not the vote of each board member.
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