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  1. The by-laws were written by the private group every year they either rewrite or amend with out any approval. Each year another property owner tries to take over office and get new blood for board members . Each year they make reason why others can not run for office . Property owners told that the (not written in DCC&R) reason used was in their private by-laws. Can the board write by-laws or amend without a majority vote . Also every member on board votes and then count show of hands . DCC&R reads one vote per property owned. If property owner has several lots then one should raising hand reflex all votes.
  2. POA in Texas did not get formed by developer and DCC&R said developer had a choice ( If Form) Developer said not without majority votes to favor. Majority votes never formed this association. Under the name of the association, a judge ruled they were a legal association. Property Owners must respect judge decision and honor them as an association? Can bylaws be used and amended by the board only? Can the board write the bylaws and amendments to be used if not approved by majority vote? Can a Judge make a ruling that they are a legal association turn to the legal association? Would Judge ruling make an association then unapproved by majority bylaws forced? Not written in DCC&R can it be put in bylaws if with no majority vote?
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    Do you make a motion to accept the proxy ? Should the proxy say motion on it? Does any board have the right to say they don't qualify to be a officer? Bylaws is made by board and amended by board to their needs . Never had 51% approved bylaws does members make a motion not to uses bylaws ? can proxy ask yes and no question ? making a motion to use proxy yes (ya) or no (Na) be covered in meeting ? Do you make a motion that bylaws be written and approved by majority of members? Every amendment to bylaws be approved by majority? The DCC&R has no restriction about the type of qualification to be voted to be a officer How do I motion to go by DCC&R?
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