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  1. I am the President of a small non-profit organization in a small town. The organization directors are organizations representing local separate subdivisions/neighborhoods. Each member organization appoints a representative (and alternate(s), if wanted) to sit on the board of directors and to vote in the behalf the member organization. Being a very small community (less 10K population) with lots of small neighborhood member organizations (greater than 25), we often have a situation where the same individuals are appointed by e more than one respective member organization to represent them on the board of directors. The organization has no individual members, the entire membership is comprised of separate organizational members. Each member organization is approved by the board and each member organization only gets one vote. So while each member only gets one vote, sometimes due to scheduling, vacations etc, an appointed representative or alternate will cast a vote for one neighborhood organization, and then also be the alternate representative for another member and cast the vote representing that member as well. My question - Is this permitted in Roberts Rules? Thank you in advance for any input.
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