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  1. The President has resigned. The Bylaws state that when the President isn't able to perform his duties it would go to the Vice President. Once the Vice President takes the President position what seat is vacant? We who have served on the Bylaws committee say the vacant position is the Vice President.
  2. The club rules do state election by ballot. The nomination were closed the month before the elections. A member running for a office is being investigated by the Executive Committe for violating the club's bylaws. That was the reason for the objections to be seated by acclamation.
  3. When only person runs for a position and a motion is made to fill it by acclamation and someone objects what haapens next?
  4. The member who is callimg for the motion to be set aside wasn't at the meeting. And yes more than 2/3 voted for the motion.
  5. I wasn't very clear with the questions I posted. The motion that was made and passed was to give two non-members the okay to bowl in one of our leagues. Keep in mind the club's Board is chosen periodically, makimg it a new Board every year. The bowling isn't covered in the Bylaws, but the Board has the authority to set policy for operations of the Club, to include the bowling alley. Each year the board updates or changes policy as it sees fit. I told the Board Member if he wanted to keep non-members from joining our bowling leagues then make a bylaws change on that subject. That way the Genera
  6. has not set their status

  7. At a Board of Directors a motion was made and passed on not allowing non-members to bowl. In the past this has been a policy type question for years, that newly formed Board takes up. We elect four new members annual for a period of three years. This question came before the New Board at our last meeting and the New Board made a motion to allow to non-members to bowl. A Board member from last year, who is still on this Board, said that last year's Board voted to allow two non-members to bowl, but in the future this would't be allowed. He is said the action taken by the current Board is out of
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