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  1. The full board has not been notified of the resignation. No, the required 10 days notice has passed.
  2. We've submitted our slate with advance notice to the membership for vote at our annual meeting. Prior to the vote, a current board member submitted their resignation. How should this be handled? The board has a right to fill unexpired terms, but only up until the next annual meeting.
  3. http://ctnonprofits.org/ctnonprofits/sites/default/files/fckeditor/file/resources/publications/NPA-articles/NPA0611_EmailVoting.pdf
  4. Often our non-profit board is asked to consider and vote by email. I am unsure if this is proper, as it does not allow for appropriate discussion in many cases. I have seen on other websites that an email vote must be unanimous, which may differ from one's bylaws governing in-person voting. Also noted that email voting is only allowed in 44 states. I am curious the laws governing email voting for non-profits in CT. Many thanks for your insight.
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