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I just finished a semester-long term as the president of a political student organization. I've also been appointed to a committee that, over the course of the coming fall, will revise the bylaws of the statewide federation of which that organization is a part.

In fall 2019, I served in a strange but well-defined role in my organization that amalgamates the duties of an amateur parliamentarian, bylaws chairman, executive board member, and presiding officer. Reading Robert's Rules was my project during the preceding summer, and I led a complete bylaws revision based on what I learned, hoping to improve and professionalize our organization.

Beyond that, this year I was a delegate to my political party's (virtual) state convention.

I'm a novice to this field, but I've always been fascinated by rules and procedures, and I'm eager to learn how I can leverage our society's parliamentary authority to make it more effective.

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