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  1. We voted to change the by laws to allow mail in ballots for dues increases. The original By laws standardized a 2/3 majority vote for all votes. A member with EXTENSIVE experience with Roberts Rules wrote the amendment, which at first glance follows the rules. BUT, instead of just validating the provision to allow mail in ballots, he also changed the vote tallying to 1/2 simple majority. There was NO DISCUSSION of this change and it was basically attached the amended By Laws. It was overlooked by most of the members ( although it was a strike out which many members thought nothing of. Is this proper to attach a rider without discussion or mention? Attached is a copy of the ORIGINAL by law and the proposed changes. We feel that the change to 1/2 simple majority, without discussion was deceitful and intentionally written in without discussion. Many feel we were duped into approving TWO changes when the premise was to JUST ALLOW ALL MEMBERS to vote via MAIL IN BALLOT. Annoucement of proposed changes to bylaws.docx By laws as stated BEFORE amendment.docx
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