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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful and clear answers, along with the references to RONR. I've read parts of the book, but I hadn't previously managed to read all of the references that you had provided. In addition, your answers provided very useful connecting threads that helped clarify it in my mind. Thank you also for correcting my terminology for the adjourned meeting. Separately, we do provide for Special General Meetings: Special General Meetings (SGM) to amend the Constitution and/or Bylaws require a petition by at least 10% of the membership; SGMs for all other purposes require a petition signed by at least 8 members or 5% of the membership, whichever is greater. SGMs can be called by a majority of the executive as required. The meeting shall be held five weeks following the announcement of the SGM, with the membership invited to submit additional proposals for motions or amendments according to the same schedule as that indicated above for an AGM. Thus, it is possible to cover everything in an SGM, but there is a potentially non-trivial threshold that must be met to declare the meeting.
  2. Our bylaws require five-weeks notification for an AGM. We don't cover the case of an adjourned meeting, so we're falling back to the original notification period. The adjourned meeting is scheduled for six weeks following the original.
  3. During our AGM (a.k.a. AGM1), we lost quorum during the discussion of the third of our list of proposed amendments to our bylaws. Our bylaws lock amendment proposals two+ weeks before the AGM (see below). For the continuation of the AGM, do we continue only with the original list of proposed bylaw amendments locked prior to AGM1, or can we invite members to submit new or modified amendment proposals in accordance with our bylaws, as they had done prior to AGM1? (Our bylaws were updated to reflect the status of the two amendment proposals that were voted upon.) Our bylaws require the following regarding proposed amendments to the bylaws (my bolding) Not less than four weeks prior to the AGM, the executive shall ... call for submissions from the membership for additional motions or amendments to the proposed motions. This submission period shall last for ten days only, and no other submissions shall be accepted from the membership thereafter. The time and location of the AGM must be announced to the membership not less than two weeks prior to the event, along with the final version of all motions and amendments to be presented at the AGM in their final wording...
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