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  1. Hi, our HOA had a Board meeting last week to go over the new 2021 budget. In our haste we adjourned the meeting before the a motion was made to approve the budget. Question: At the next meeting which is next week can we list the Budget approval under Old Business or do we have to have one new meeting just to solely approve the 2021 budget. I have looked in Roberts Rules and can’t find where this is addressed. Thanks,
  2. Hi, We just had a quarterly HOA meeting. A property owner observing made the comment that our President could not vote on a motion, and only when there was a tie. I have the 11 edition of the Robert’s Rules Of Order and can’t seem to find this. Our BOD is a small 7 member body and I’m the Secretary. If this is addressed in the 11th edition can you provide a page number? Thanks
  3. Hi, Our BOD just had its regular quarterly HOA meeting, I am the secretary. In this meeting it was brought up that our President could not vote on a motion. I have the 11th edition of Robert’s Rules Of Order and cannot find the answer. Our board is a small body made up of 7 people all property owners. Would love to hear your opinion and where in the 11 th edition I can find the answer if it’s there. Thanks for your help.
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