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  1. Thank you Chris for your help! He served 1 year and 6 months of the previous Presidents term. Based on the excerpt you provided. That would lead me to believe he was considered to have served full term in that office, and another 2 years following. Therefore, not eligible to run for president again. Would you agree? Thanks!
  2. Hey Chris...I don't have access to a full copy of RONR. Could please assist by sharing the exert from that section you referenced? Thank you very much!
  3. Thank you Chris for the reply. He served a little more than a year of the 2 year term.
  4. Good afternoon All, I was hoping I could get some professional advice related to term limits and filling vacancies for non-profit organizations. I'm a Director on a nonprofit hockey organization and we have our annual general membership / election coming up in January 2020. The position of President is up for election. The current president would like to run again, however, there is question whether he is eligible because he served 1 year of a previous Presidents term, who resigned, in addition to serving a full 2 year term he was elected for in 2018. Essentially, he has served as President for 3 years to date. Our bylaws only allow (2) 2-year consecutive terms, for a total of 4 years before you must sustain from the Board for 2 year before you can run again. If he runs again and wins his total years served would be 5, which is over the 4 year max. We have nothing in our bylaws addressed this situation. Does anyone have any advice, or RONR reference for this situation? By filling in for 1-year of the 2-year term for the president who resigned, does that count as a full term? Thanks in Advance!
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