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  1. That is NO provision for mail in voting. Celeste Stennett
  2. I made a typing error. Our by laws have provision for mail in voting. It is a ballot vote after the meeting in February. Sorry for the confusion. Celeste Stennett
  3. Thanks for your input. Our bylaws state the there must be 100+ members at a stated meeting to be able to vote. We cannot have 100+ people in the clubhouse to hold a meeting as per CDC rules. We cannot hold an election. The current board is in power until the end of February. The incoming board takes office the first meeting in March. We cannot hold an election, our bylaws state that there are mail in voting and the voting is in person. The outgoing board does not want to stay in office, so how do we get a new board with no election? They also are hell bent on passing some ridiculous bylaw ch
  4. how do we have an election per our bylaws when we cant get 100+ people gathering. We live in an 55+ gated community and our clubhouse has been closed due to Covid19. Our bylaws state that we need a quorum of 100 people to even consider nominations and voting. They also want to vote on bylaw changes which they have not even followed procedure. Our nominations and elections are in February, The existing board does not want to continue, so how so we elect a new board? We do not have mail in voting in our bylaws so that is out. They have mentioned zoom but then you have no privacy or ways to kno
  5. No reason, just the thought that maybe in Canada they do things differently. Thank you, Celeste
  6. Hello, I am the secretary at an over 55 manufactured home/rv park. We had an election yesterday and a Canadian man approached me about the ballots. We follow Robert's Rules and I felt all was done properly. He insisted that I was wrong for not having the names typed on the ballots. That is impossible since we accept nominations on the day of elections.(as per our bylaws). What I did was placed a large board at the voting station with the positions and the candidates' names listed. He said that it was an illegal vote. I beg to differ. Thank you for your input. Celeste Stennett
  7. Hello, I am the secretary for an over 55 social club in Arizona. We are a non -profit (501-C) . I have sat on the board for 8 years. We are having elections the 3rd week in February in accordance to our by-laws. Our by-laws state that we operate by Robert's Rules. People have asked for absentee ballots as early as the 15th of February. Our meeting is on the 17th. In investigating our by-laws there is no mention of absentee ballots and it states that nominations are the first Monday in February and nominations and voting will take place at the 3rd Monday in February. I believe that our by-laws
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