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  1. On 6/23/2020 at 2:55 PM, Josh Martin said:

    RONR does not get into the definition of the word "copies." RONR does, however, have the following to say about sending notices.

    "When notice is required to be sent, unless a different standard is specified that requirement is met if written notice is sent to each member either:
    a) by postal mail to the member's last known address; or
    b) by a form of electronic communication, such as e-mail or fax, by which the member has agreed to receive notice." (RONR, 11th ed., pg. 89)

    So while it is ultimately up to the organization to interpret its own bylaws, it would seem to me that (unless the organization's rules provide otherwise), these copies could be sent either by postal mail, or by electronic communication (such as email)... provided that members have agreed to receive the copies by that method.

    Thank you for your reply.  This is very helpful!

  2. Our congregational constitution requires that members receive a "copy" of any constitutional amendment (motion) 30-days before the discussion/vote on same.  In the new world of electronics, does RONR consider electronically-mailed copies to be the same as "copies" (which, obviously, was originally meant to be "paper", but, of course, they didn't know better.)  Does RONR speak to this nowadays, or is it a state-by-state kind of thing?  Our current "amendment" situation actually involves adopting a whole new 35-page constitution, and we'd rather e-mail than print one for everyone...

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