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  1. Sadly, I have seen many bylaws that include the phrase 'non-voting ex-officio member". Mr. Gerber, THANK YOU for your answer. It was quite illuminating. Mr. Martin, I agree that the section in the bylaws should be clarified. Thank you for pointing out the Principles of Interpretation. Mr. J., the exact wording is: "The title of Past President shall be assumed by the President from the year prior, after a new President is installed. The functions of the Past President are to: A. Serve on the Executive Committee as an ex-officio, non-voting member. B. Serve as an advisor to the current President. C. Perform other duties as directed by the President or the Staff Council. " And I agree, this section of the bylaws needs addressing Thank You and Be Well.
  2. Good Morning, I understand that ex-officio members of a committee have all of the rights of membership. However, when a member is designated as a 'non-voting ex-officio' member, does that member still have the right to move and second motions? Thank You and Be Well. ~Adam
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