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  1. Hi again, I have another scenario: At a virtual meeting, a person (John) was nominated from the floor to serve as a candidate i.e. their name would have been on the ballot. John may or may not have heard this nomination from the floor at the time and there was not action taken to confirm John's willingness at the time. However, there was a follow up email to this individual, and no reply from John. The vacancy remained on the ballot and write ins were required.The results from the election indicated that John received votes as a write in candidate and received enough votes to
  2. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I had to look through many months of emails to pull this together. Bylaws considerations and Robert's Rules aside, I had the feeling that expectations were not met with the May 20 emergency meeting. It turns out, there were three emergency meetings called since March 2020. The differences between the most recent meeting (May 20) and the others were 1) that the agenda was posted only 2 days in advance for the May 20 meeting (it was posted 3 days in advance for the ohers), 2) there was nothing explicitly noted regarding the intended item for business at the
  3. Many thanks for your opinions. This is where I am getting hung-up. It's in the section where special and emergency meetings are similar. "Item i. Order of Business - Special meetings and Emergency Meetings. The order of business at any special meeting or any emergency meeting shall be only the consideration of the matter or matters for which the meeting shall have been called." In trying to make sense of this, I looked at other bylaws (other orgs etc) and noted that the phrase "which the meeting shall have been called" appears most often in bylaws in the context of a meeting a
  4. Dear all (again), I attached a scenario and the Bylaws from my organization. Here are my questions: Did the emergency meeting on May 20 satisfy the requirement from RRONR? Did the emergency meeting on May 20 satisfy the conditions in the Bylaws? I look forward to your input. Senate By-laws 2020-2021.pdf emergency meeting.pdf
  5. Thank you very much for your comments.
  6. Dear everyone, I have a situation to share and then look forward to your opinions. Part 1: An individual (Person A) wrote an email that falsely represented the actions and character of an individual (Person C) who is a candidate in a university election. The email was sent to a known voter (Person D) in the election. The election is over tomorrow. Does Person A sending the email to the known voter (Person D) constitute an election irregularity? Part 2: The same email was intended for a larger audience when it was first written. Person D forwarded it to three other voters in
  7. Dear Forum Members, First let me say how happy I am to be here. I am on the Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) for a university council of faculty, I would like to describe a sequence of events with you. My organization has Bylaws, but the Bylaws seem to be silent on some of the circumstances that came to light. The situation is this: an election of committee officers for this council was scheduled to take place and, because of Covid-19, face-to-face elections were unable to occur. Our Bylaws offer two methods for receiving and returning ballots: paper ballots that are handed
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