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  1. Hi, Apologize for the confusion, I had just excerpted the part of motion for the thread instead of the whole thing. It was an out of ordinary situation and the "The meeting adjourned at X:XX PM." line makes sense in this case. Thank you
  2. Hi, Thank you all for your input, yes if someone declares conflict with a matter they leave the meeting. These conflicts tend to arise when the Board are discussing Loan applications, so it best that they leave for the discussion. Normally they would come back after the matter had been discussed to be present for the rest of the agenda. . Due to COVID it was a teleconference meeting so the person just left the meeting... Yes, ideally the meeting should of been adjourned first before he left but that was not how it was done. Currently the motion is written per normal with a name in the MOVED BY spot and nothing by the SECONDED BY spot and in brackets I have (NOT CARRIED) when it would normally say (CARRIED). If I understand the above correctly I do not need to put a note in the next minutes, I could remove the SECOND BY line (as second not really required) and put it as (CARRIED), adding "All in Favour" to show those who were left were in favour of the adjournment? Thank you.
  3. Hi, I am new here so apologize ahead of time if this is in the wrong place...I have a question regarding a Board Meeting matter that I could locate the answer for online. We had quorum for a small Board meeting, but a conflict was declared later on in the meeting with an item that came up for approval. The person left the meeting. There was no quorum following this and the meeting came to an end shortly after. The remaining Board agreed to revisit the matter at a later date with quorum. The problem is that I had an adjournment motion that I could not carry as I did not have a seconder - so the motion was left as is with a mover but not carried. Do I leave it like this or do we need to make a note in the next board meeting minutes about it? Thank you.
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