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  1. Everyone is the membership. Sorry it is a general membership meeting. It is always the third thursday of the month at a particular location. The secretary sends out a bullentin at least 5 days in advance of the meeting, per our By-Laws. The one received Monday stated meeting was today at this location at 7pm. There is no mention of electronic meeting in our by-laws.
  2. The board just sent an email to everyone!
  3. Can a board change the meeting last minute from an in person meeting to a zoom meeting, they changed same the day of the meeting? They cited "personal reasons".
  4. Sorry, this is just one of many things they have done.
  5. Thank you, I think I understand what needs to be done to fix the mistake of this Board removing this member. Just one quick claificaiton, the chair would be the President since she is the one who presides over the meetings. Correct?
  6. What is a point of order? And how does a member do that?
  7. Yes, she has paid her dues and assessments for the status she was as of the annual meeting, she was wanting to move up and become active (which would mean more money for the society, but quess they don't like money lol) Thank you
  8. Ok, so the annual meeting was in March. The By-Law admendment, listed below, was passed and changed in May. I am not sure why the Board has declined the members request since she actually wants to change her status to one that costs more than what is currently at, due to COVID she was unsure she would be able to afford the dues for the active membership. However, she has paid all her dues for her current status and realizes she can now pay to be active. I am just wondering how they can enforce a rule that was changed after the date in the new rule had passed, I would think that it would not become effective until the next year. Any member wishing to change status or resign must do so, in writing to the Executive Board, by 5pm the day of the Annual Meeting. If a member fails to change their status by 5pm, in writing to the Executive Board, member will be required to pay their dues and assessment for member’s listed status as of the Annual Meeting for the upcoming year.
  9. Our organization voted on and approved a By-Law amendent requiring members to submit status changes by 5 pm the day of the annual meeting. This change was voted on and passed two months after our annual meeting this year. A member asked to change her status from non-active to active this month. The Board denied that request because she did not submit her change at the annual meeting, citing the new by law change. Is this correct? How can she be held to same if when the change was made the time had already passed?
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