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  1. Hi All, Context: I chair my campus' student senate, and I'm looking to cancel the next meeting given that we've met the requirements outlined in our constitution about having two minimum meetings (Article II Section 4) Article II, Section 4: During the fall and spring semesters the Senate shall meet no fewer than two (2) times in each semester. The first meeting of each Semester shall be no later than the fourth (4th) week of the semester. The Senate may establish other meetings. My question is: As the chairperson, if I cancel the meeting, is
  2. Hi All, There's a lot of confusion about how to proceed with an amendment to our bylaws. I've copied and pasted the excerpt of the bylaws that describes the amendment procedure below: Here's some helpful context: I serve as a chair for a senate of 20 voting members (including myself). The term "SA" refers to Student Association, which is the student government at our institution. I chair the Student Senate, which is not synonymous with the Academic Senate (that body governs curriculum). Each year in April, our campus holds elections for senators and the Student Association President,
  3. Hi All, Context: I currently Chair the Senate within my organization, which serves to moderate the actions of the executive branch. The senate declares standing committees based on a list provided from our bylaws on an annual basis (as executive board members are elected annually, as well as senators). Appointments to those committees are then made by the President from the Executive Branch and the Senate has to consent to those appointments. Issue: Within our bylaws, it spells out that the executive board consists of the President, Vice President, the Programming Chair, Political Af
  4. Hi All, There seems to be a bit of confusion about whether or not a ballot needs to be cast for unanimous consent, for motions that are NOT related to elections. I already read this thread (https://robertsrules.forumflash.com/topic/20339-secretary-casting-vote-in-uncontested-election/). My question is, for main motions such as adopting the agenda, approving the minutes of the last meeting, is it necessary for the Chair to "cast one ballot for unanimous consent"? I've also seen other variations of this phrasing, such as the image below, as well as "the chair asked the secretary t
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