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  1. Yes. I suppose so. So, no New business can be brought forward by itself? I have to submit all new business 2 weeks before the meeting per standing rules?
  2. Rules of Order. By laws? I don't Think we have rules of order? We have standing rules, by laws and Roberts.
  3. Do standing rules overrule Robert's? Such as: if you have new business and the Association requires New Business to be submitted a week before. However, New Business can be brought on the floor? Can new business only be brought by submitting New business weeks before the meeting?
  4. So I can call point of order even though, I am guessing that he can't change it once we are there.
  5. Hi everyone, I have another question in preparation for our assembly tomorrow. Last assembly, a motion passed on the floor that "allowed participants to see each other and the participant list" prior to this, the President had been using panel view. If the president ops for panel view which is a violation of the motion. What can be done at the assembly? Yes, I know recall is always an option but our process for that is extended and will not fix the probable problem tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. I am going to ask a beginners question. Where do I find a professional parlimentarian? Thanks
  7. I kind of figured. We are a large organization. Many of the members are scattered about the area making it difficult for some (many)to make it. Our assembly would be around 90? And maybe half or less would be on zoom. So, I will look into this to see if we can figure it out.
  8. Hi Everyone, I know that this is not Robert's Rules specific but I am curious: Our organization is looking to the future when we can have large gatherings again (Assembly). We are thinking that we would like to have concurrent meetings going (Zoom and in-person) based on the members needs. Has anyone done this? What would it look like? Does it work? How? You are all my favorite group. You truly have guided me and helped me understand the intricacies of Robert's and their importance within our organization (you even motivated me to push for a parliamentarian!) Thank you!
  9. I guess that's the challenge. When he injects his opinion which he often does, then we have an issue. I will continue to hash it out with our parlimentarian.
  10. Ok,the friendly amendment thing might be our association bylaw. We have a weird color system too. The questions, maybe a poorly trained assembly. However, when does the chair move from answering questions to debating? I thought that was out of order?
  11. Also, can the motion maker explain why a friendly amendment wouldn't be accepted?
  12. But then how does the motion maker defend their motion? The chair can bias the motion being made?
  13. You all are the best resource. When a motion is on the floor and members of the assembly are asking questions. Does the chair answer the questions or the motion maker? How is that determined? When does it become, the chair being part of the debate? Thanks
  14. I believe a motion was passed on it but I don't think if addressed anything just that we would have electronic meetings.
  15. Hi there, So, we had another rep assembly last night (approximately 90 people attend these). There were some attempts by the association to follow Roberts. However, the attempt seemed to make it less organized and less open. A few questions: Should the participant list be hidden? In a normal rep assembly in person, we would be able to see each other. Should the voting be hidden? Also, does it have to be a voice vote? Could the hand raise feature be used while everyone sees the participant list? Would a voice vote be required for every motion? Should the videos of the
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