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  1. The notice says: As per article 3, 15 (3)of the updated constitution the attached list of club members are requisitioning the board to call a special meeting to discuss the rationale for not renewing (name) restaurant contract for 2021 and to reconsider renewing the contract for 2021. it goes onto list reasons why the members representing the people who signed the petition feel the contract should be renewed. Truthfully, the relationship between the contractor and the board of directors deteriorated much earlier on in the year. According to the contract, 1. This agreement
  2. I don’t know if this has any bearing or not; but, most of the signatures on the petition for the special meeting were solicited by the contractor and/or one of the contractor’s employees.
  3. Upcoming special meeting is with the membership
  4. “ The board of directors shall be responsible for the operation of the club. The Board and Membership are governed by the club constitution and bylaws.” The decision was made by the board in camera at a board meeting in July. It is not in the regular minutes that the membership receives because notice couldn’t be given to the contractor until September. The board didn’t think it was prudent to publish in the minutes for that reason. The board doesn’t feel that the specific details regarding its decision to terminate the contract and not renew should be made public to the membership.
  5. The decision was made in July, carried out according to the contract in September, and the petition and notice of special meeting was received in late October.
  6. The Board of Directors shall have the power, from time to time to appoint and dismiss a club professional, a greens superintendent, and such other staff as required, and to prescribe their respective powers and duties and to fix the amount of their salaries. Such appointments and salaries are to be reviewed annually.
  7. Our Board terminated a contract in keeping with the Constitution and Bylaws of our Society, according to our policies and within the parameters of the contract itself. The constitution states that the Board is responsible for the running of the society and the policy book grants the Board the power to hire and dismiss employees and contractors. The contractor was notified by legal letter. There is a call for a special meeting and a motion is put forward to require the board to rescind its decision and renew the contract for another year. Is this motion out of order?
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