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  1. The 5 positions are different however, the VP takes over for the President in his absence. The same person in running for both positions. The President and Treasurer sign checks however, the same person is running for both positions. It just does not seam to make sense to me that 1 person can hold multiple spots. I seam to be the minority on this.
  2. I did not mention, our Union is incorporate, does that make a difference? Is there a separate set of rules for a corparation?
  3. We are electing multiple (5) board positions on the same ballot. Thank you to all who replied.
  4. Can a member of our Union hold more than 1 position on the Executive board? Our Bylaws make no mention of the possibility of this happening and we have several members running for multiple positions. I would think if the same person becomes the President and the Treasurer, how is there a checks and balance when the same person signs both spots on the check? (Bylaw says the President and Treasurer must sign checks).
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