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  1. Very good. Thank you all for your input. It has been most helpful.
  2. Our bylaws don't appear to have an and/or provision attached to the length of term. They do specifically state an Officer can be removed with or without cause. Since SOP is that all Board motions require a majority vote of the Board, it is assumed motions of removal would require the same. For removal from the Board, the bylaws specifically state that requires a majority vote of the membership.
  3. Have seen fragments of this conversation but nothing conclusive. Our bylaws indicate the Board can remove an Officer with or without cause (not their Director status, just Officer status). The question is that when seeking a majority vote by the Board to remove the Officer, does the Officer in question get to vote as well? In other words, can an Officer vote against their own removal? One view is that if a motion is specific to the individual, the vote of that individual does not count. There is also an opposing view. Thoughts?
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