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  1. Update: General Counsel for the Association has returned with a written opinion on the matter. Our bylaws are completely silent on disciplinary matters, and all we have to use for a framework is RONR. The process, thus far, hasn't even followed the steps outlined in the book, unfortunately. There has been no trial proceedings, no committee formed, no formal investigation.....the meetings barely follow Parliamentary Procedures. Two individuals made a complaint to the property management company. The Board was made aware of the two complaints, and the accused prepared a defense, of sorts.
  2. "Tread careful here mines around." What's the saying? Truer words have never been spoken. This board is in its infancy, as we're the first HOMEOWNERS to run it (as opposed to the developer of the community). The pages dedicated to the establishment and running of the board itself are relatively few and we have no precedent for just about everything! We are blazing a trail, as it were. The issue at hand comes to one deceptively simple question: what is the legal definition of "commercial" as it applies to the selling of puppies. Our documents do not define it, so we must go to local
  3. Good evening. I am a member of a Home Owners Association board, and a complaint has been made against a fellow board member, namely that she is believed to be in violation of a specific covenant (regarding ownership of pets). There were two separate complaints, made by two individuals, one of which happens to also be a board member. Are both of those two board members (the one who made the complaint and the one defending herself against the complaint) permitted to vote about the matter? Our covenants/bylaws do not discuss this at all. Thank you.
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