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  1. Hopefully this will help. The parent organization has established "model" bylaws. In this model within the "Committees" article, units should be including their list of standing committees & their purposes. At a minimum, the standing committees include the Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee & the Committee on Nominations. The "responsibility" section states "All committees, except the Committee on Nominations, shall be directly responsible to the Board of Directors and shall submit all plans, prior to execution, to the Board of Directors for approval." Also, standing committees are appointed by the board of directors. In the "Audit" article, it states "An audit shall be made of the unit's financial records by a qualified person or persons appointed by the board of directors. Such audit shall be completed within 30 days of the close of the fiscal year and a written report covering the audit shall be submitted to the board of directors." What dynamics make a committee of the society? Thanks for the input.
  2. Hi again. Can somone give me an RONR reference stating that standing and special committees appointed by the BOD are directly responsible to the BOD? This includes an audit/financial review committee. In this particular case, the committee on nominations is composed of the Second Immediate Past President as Chairman and the current President-Elect shall be one of the four members. Three members shall be elected by the membership at the September meeting. If not directly responsible to the BOD, then are any of these responsible to the membership? Your input is very much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for responding. Conflict of interest is what I was looking for.
  4. I think it's not appropriate for a president to serve ex-officio of audit committee of which he/she also appoints the members. However, I'm struggling with the best language for an explanation. I'm thinking along the lines of the fact that since the president is involved and has responsibility with the day-to-day financials of the organization, that they should not be permitted to serve on the audit committee. Please help. Thanks.
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