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  1. Thanks for everyone for your comments and suggestions. I'll take these back to the group and see if we can implement something that works.
  2. Thank you for your feedback. Similarly on action items" "I move that we capture the following action time and assignments within the meeting minutes"?
  3. Thank you for your response (especially at such an early hour). The specific case I'm referring to was a question posed to a committee leader in attendance at a meeting regarding their continued commitment to see through their term and complete a previously agreed upon task. It had been suggested that a previous decision (absent my involvement) be revisited and possibly changed. I asked the individual if they intended to carry on with their obligation. I simply wanted the minutes to be reflective of the conversation and for it to be recorded.
  4. A search has yielded LOTS of information - but I'm still needing clarity. I belong to a loosely organized board that "kinda" follows RONR. We are all volunteers, none actual parliamentarians and while well intentioned, not the best informed regarding strict subscription to the Rules. We are attempting to conduct the business of a roughly 800 member volunteer/philanthropic organization and our bylaws indicate business needs to be conducted in accordance w/ RONR. Our motions and seconds followed by votes are largely pro-forma and seldom contentious. With that said, we are having s
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