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  1. Anyone know when we might expect the release of the CD-Rom that is mentioned on the robertsrules website as coming early 2021?
  2. I'd like to thank all that responded. Your guidance was most helpful. We had an individual that was willing to be secretary but he felt, for his own reasons, that he would not be able to take the minutes. We ended up electing this person as secretary so to have that officer in place in event of possible need for things like where a secretary's signature was needed. We are in the process of appointing a resident volunteer to take the minutes.
  3. We are twisting his arm, but he keeps holding us at bay. Fortunately we do have him as sec pro-tem, but I feel, and from my reading of RONR (and now what info I am getting here) that we must push for a duly elected secretary. Just have to find that person. Thank you both for your responses and clarification of the issue.
  4. I'm new to this forum, and actually little experience with forums. Is this how I reply to the 2 replies I received to my initial inquiry? I hope so. Thank you to those that have responded to my inquiry. I appreciate your inp;ut. As I had mentioned we had our annual election in January, no one willing to take the role, no candidates nominated. We have been electing a pro-tem each month. If the pro-tem is the same person each month, does he need to be re-elected each month? My concern with not having a secretary is not only not having someone for the minutes, but someone to sign docum
  5. Our 55+ community HOA board is without a secretary. Board officers for this year were elected in January but we had no candidate for secretary. How long can we go without electing a Secretary?
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