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  1. The majority of decisions are made by a separate board. Only large decisions are made by the membership as a whole, spending over a certain threshold, loans, etc. If we wanted to paint the clubhouse red, and it was 90-10 in the first session and 49-51 in the second. It would pass the membership my majority vote, 139-61.
  2. As moderator, I would believe it would be in order to go before the first session, and state, 'at the second session, this motion was postponed until today, without objection, we will open this issue for discussion.' Basically, ignoring the previous vote. If there is an objection, I could further state, 'i will entertain a motion to reconsider at this time" allowing a member of the prevailing side to bring the issue back before us. If there is no motion to reconsider, then the vote from the previous session would stand.
  3. A main motion came up in a first session of a conference. This main motion was properly debated and voted on. Later is a second session of the conference (different segment of the membership), the motion came up and was debated. The membership meets in two sessions because of the size of the membership. In the Second session, a motion was made to postpose to a definite time for additional deliberation. When we have the next session to consider the delayed motion, what are the rights or options of the members in the first session? During the time between the first two sessions and the pos
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