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  1. @George Mervosh When you say, "The Council votes...." What does that look like? Would I (as the chair) say, something like, "We have two nominations, Mr X and Mr Y. I will bring each to the floor for a vote. Who is in favor of Mr. X? " Assuming he doesn't get a majority, I move on to Mr. Y., right? If the first vote gets a majority, am I obligated to bring the second nomination up for a vote?
  2. First off, this forum is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Thank you all. So, our Mayor resigned and we're in a position now to select a new Mayor from the remaining members on the Council. We are rotating the chairmanship of our regular Council meetings. It's my turn this evening. So - there are two members who wish to stand for Mayor. As the chair of the meeting how do I handle nominations? Do I ask for nominations from the body (e.g. anyone wishing to stand for Mayor may nominate themselves)? Thanks so much in advance. Not for nothing, I suspect I'm wrong but here is how I was thinkin
  3. I recently attended a meeting of a public body that is bound by an Open Meetings law. Due to lack of a quorum the meeting was rescheduled for 24 hours later by a city official. An issue arose where an attendee and non-member of the body spoke up and announced that the second meeting was in violation of the Open Meetings law because the agenda wasn't posted a full 24 hours in advance (this is true it was posted with slight modifications fewer than 24h in advance). So here's the question: The meeting is called to order on the second day, there is a quorum present and the non-member ins
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