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  1. we have no vice chair, just Chair and Recording Secretary per bylaws. If I request a Special meeting with 3 days notice to said board members can we vote to accept those resignations by conference call?
  2. If there is not enogh board members left to fulfill a quorum, how do we accept those? As the acting Chair, can I accept them on behalf of the board, does the remaining members have to vote to accept them, or do we even have to vote to accept them?
  3. When does a resignation of a board member take effect ... when it is sent to all board members via email message or when it is voted on to accept the resignation at a board meeting?
  4. If the vote has been taken with 3 aye and 3 nay votes, and there are 7 directors on the board, can the 7th then decide to vote? (after the 3-3 vote?) They had just put in their resignation and it was to be effective at the end of the meeting.
  5. Question:: If a Chairman of the Board has been notified by the Officers to set up a 'special meeting' and has since resigned, does it fall upon the Recording Secretary to follow through with that meeting? There was not official notice sent out with the call in information for the 'special meeting', which was going to be via ZOOM. Question:: Does the Recording Secretary have the same timeframe to set the meeting up? (the meeting was supposed to be tomorrow, Wednesday) Or does the Recording Secretary have a new timeframe... and how long is that timeframe??? 24 hours, 3 days? The Recor
  6. Q 1) Our Board of Directors has seven directors, of which we have a Board Chair and Recording secretary. The Chair has set up a special meeting via zoom which will be open to the Officers and directors. That meeting was set to happen tomorrow, and now the Board chair has sent in their resignation via email to all of the direcors. We understand the Recording Secretary (per bylawsd) will assume the role of Chair, but what about the scheduled meeting? Since the Board has not voted to accept the resignation of the Chair, does the Chair still have responsibility of holding that meeting? Q 2)
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