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  1. Thanks George. As suspected.
  2. A town government board has a vacancy supervisor position to fill. Can the Board request interested parties to file an application by a certain date and then vote on them during a future meeting?
  3. Thanks again gentlemen. We'll see what the Town's attorney says along with the WTA (WI Town Association). My first concern was if the Town should elect a new Chairman or a new Clerk first.
  4. The Town does (or tries) to follow Roberts but I see that some of the answer may well lie with WI statutes. The clerk never votes except under the strange scenario above when there was a tie vote. They were lucky to even agree on a replacement clerk as the remaining board supervisors are split hard left and hard right on many issues. Such is small town politics. Thanks for your replies and comments.
  5. Background: Government body elected by public, Chairman of the Town Board. Government body elected by public, 4 Town Board Supervisors. Government body elected by Board, Town Clerk employee. Scenario: Town Clerk resigns same day as Town Chairman. Remaining 4 Town Supervisors conduct emergency Town Board Meeting. One supervisor acts as Chairman. New Town Clerk is elected by Board. Second emergency meeting. One supervisor acts as chairman. A motion for one supervisor to step up to Chair position for remainder of term is made and split vote 2/2. The new Town Clerk votes and breaks the tie.
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