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  1. I was not able to attend a board meeting so I asked a fellow board member to record the meeting on their phone and then send it to me. Which they did. Now I find out that the President is taking issue with this. Since this is meeting is open to any members that wish to attend also, is there against a meeting being recorded? Sandra
  2. This is what our President wants to put in our minutes, is this appropriate? JS brought up two items. He wished to have put in the minutes that his last verbal warning was ruled null and void. Linda advised the Secretary to do so. His second issue was his locker. JS accused the President and Board of being bias and prejudice against him and therefore unfairly enforcing the rules and “picking on him”. Accused the President of making up rules just for him. States 2 other people have changed their locks , but refused to give names JS States: 1. “I am changing my locker back to the way they were and if you want to reprimand me again, please escalate it, and I will take it to the Governing Board AGAIN, and will be null and void, AGAIN. Not a threat, because I am going to do what I am going to do.” K & L explain the locks belong to the club and the club needs to have a key. The club has the right, even though not in the rules to set the use of the lockers because members are renting them. When asked why he needed to change his lock, J said he was afraid of theft. J States: “Again, I am changing the locks back to the way there were and if you guys have an issue with that then reprimand me, and the escalate, and the we will bring it back to the Governing Board with bias and prejudice and I will push this issue as far as I can. If that’s the kind of childish games you want to play with me, go for it.” This is verbatim report of what he said.
  3. This special meeting for a disciplinary hearing took place, w/o the member in question being notified to appear. This person was aware that a meeting was going to take place, but he personally was not notified to appear and give statements in his own defense. A vote was taken and passed to reprimand. When I questioned, was this person notified to appear, I was assured they were, however his name does not appear in the names of email recipients, nor did he receive personal notice of any kind. Now what would be the recourse for this member and or the other board members?
  4. What is the proper procedure for bringing a Motion to Censure? At the last board meeting I attended, I found I was the topic of this motion. According to one other member, I was overheard saying something to another person, that this member of our club didn't like. I am in a 55 community and many wear hearing aids. This person did not want to submit a written statement. and I in fact said" I certainly do not remember saying this" Is it unreasonable to say, unless I am speaking to you, don't listen, move away, or ask me to take the conversation elsewhere? I don't remember free speech stopping at the club door. This incident apparently happened 2 weeks prior to the motion being brought.
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