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  1. The Board of Directors meets every month or more often if needed. There is a general meeting of all members once a year. The next general meeting of all members will be next May or June.
  2. Our covenants state ... "amendments must be approved by Members holding at least two-thirds (2/3) of the total votes received by the Association with a minimum of two hundred (200) votes returned." A recent meeting had over 80 percent approval for an amendment but only received 198 total votes as of the start of the meeting. Because we did not meet the 200 vote threshold, the amendment was deemed "not approved." However, mail delivery was delayed on the day of the meeting and an additional 6 votes were received in the late afternoon mail. Can we count the 6 votes because they were mailed on time but the post office delayed their delivery? Counting the 6 votes will changes the vote results.
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