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  1. One of the resigning members of the board has agreed to come for next month's meeting so this can be resolved. We shall see if they do indeed attend. Failing this, it appears the only resolution is to have the officers (not BOD) call a special membership meeting or wait for the November general membership meeting and elect new BOD members. As a further question, if the bylaws had stated that resignations were effective upon receipt by the BOD, would this have solved the problem? Thanks everybody for your time and insights.
  2. I agree the bylaw is ambiguous and poorly worded, but that is how it is written. It appears that the board has to make the determination as to the outcome of missing two meetings, so probably doesn't help our situation. I really appreciate all the good feedback on this difficult situation.
  3. Richard, our bylaws state: "Any Director or Officer missing two consecutive meetings scheduled at least 30 days in advance must seek approval from the Board to excuse such absence. The written request to excuse absences must be approved by a majority of the Directors. Automatic removal from office of either a Director or Officer for unapproved absences of 2 or more scheduled meetings is at the discretion of the Board." They have not requested to be excused and will soon miss two scheduled meetings. The wording would imply that removal is automatic unless exceptions were made by the b
  4. Rob and Richard, thank you for your answers. That is exactly what I thought. In the event none of them will show up, we will have to elect some new BOD members at the annual membership meeting and till then the current board is powerless to do anything.
  5. Our club bylaws state we are to operate under RONR Our bylaws also state there are to be 7 board of directors, but is silent on what constitutes a quorum. We had 4 members all resign at the same time between meetings via email and I'm pretty sure they have no intention of returning Questions: 1. Are the 4 still members of the board for the purpose of determining a quorum, as they did not submit a resignation that was signed, and has not been accepted per RONR? 2. If the remaining 3 have a meeting, is there a quorum present, if not how can this organization continue to
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