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  1. The only documents we have are covenants in which do not define the board. The articles of incorporation do not have any laws written. We are at the whim of our management company in which I feel is not following the rules correctly as I have worked in the government and followed Robert's rules. But I am definitely not an expert. The only governing documents would be North Carolina's homeowners association statutes 47 f. And which will not define the board, terms meetings, duties etc.
  2. I just joined a homeowners board in which by-laws do not exist. I follow Roberts rules the best I can. On the road to getting these we have to run meetings. I am currently following the NC homeowners state statutes 47F and they do not list special meetings. We need to meet within 24 hours to have a special meetings to cover two topics in which can not wait till the next meeting. Can we still vote if all board members are not there and we have a quorum? Any help would be greatly apricated. I just to be sure until bylaws are in place we follow a correct guideline.
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