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  1. Hi everyone, At a recent meeting with the Board, there were discussions surrounding bringing in other individuals to play the role of advisors to the Board and Committees. The term ex officio was thrown around but I suspect Honorary Member is the correct term because they are considering certain individuals rather than specific roles/offices. Plus, I don't believe that the intention is to have these individuals vote or make motions. In any event, we are all unsure as to how to initiate either; how do ex officio or honorary advisors typically get established. Is it a full election process with nomination and voting? I imagine an update to the by-laws is required or at least encouraged in either situation? Thank you in advance to any advice that you can give.
  2. This answered it, thank you for being so prompt!
  3. Oh, interesting. Our Board has multiple committees within the assembly. An Audit Committee, Governance Committee, Human Resources Committee, and Nominating Committee; all with 3-4 members who are Directors of the Board. These are (expected to be) longstanding committees which I assumed was a regular element to most Boards. Edit: I should note that Committees and Minutes of Committees are actually a requirement from our industry regulators (financial)
  4. Thank you for the replies so far! Very informative. As a follow-up, do committee governing documents such as charters/terms of reference/strategic plans typically require approval/acceptance by the assembly?
  5. Hi everyone, I am very new to the world of Board Governance and have been asked to assist our company Board which is also fairly inexperienced with RONR. The Directors have recently started (re-started?) utilizing committees in order to complete some tasks, and so we have a couple of questions regarding the results of the committee meetings. 1. What is the procedure for approving the minutes of these committee meetings? What we have been doing is, the minutes go to the next committee meeting for approval. Once approved, they then go to the next Board meeting for approval from the Board. Is the dual approval process necessary? 2. When do the motions from those committee meetings become ratified? Is it as soon as the committee carries the motion, or when the minutes (where the motion is recorded) is approved by the Board?
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