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  1. In a youth sports org a voting non-Board member was suspended by the board for violating the code of conduct, for swearing and berating another parent in front of minors. The suspension will still be in effect when we have a General Membership meeting. The argument is being made that the member is suspended, therefore not in good standing, and should not be allowed to vote at the meeting. We expect to have a vote to remove a Board Member from office at the meeting. The following is being used as a reference: From page 606 of RONR: "A member of a society who is in arrears in payment of his dues, but who has not been formally dropped from the membership rolls and is not under a disciplinary suspension, retains the full rights of a voting member and is entitled to vote except as the bylaws may otherwise provide. (See also pp. 6, 571–72.)
  2. If a member is suspended for disciplinary action, are they in good standing and eligible to vote at a Membership meeting?
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