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  1. Thank you all for the replies! This is very helpful. I had forgotten that paragraph on p. 456.
  2. Our bylaws state that committees are formed by the governing council or the executive board, and the committee chair is appointed by the president. Some people have argued that the president can form a task force without board approval, because it's just a task force, not a committee. I've read the section on committees in RONR (11th ed., 493-497), and it states that the president can't form a committee unless authorized by the bylaws (495 line 15). I've never found the phrase "task force" in RONR, and as far as I can see, it's just another name for a committee, and forming one should follow
  3. Thank you for your response. I was a little confused by the fact that the officers don't actually take office until the end of June. But I think I see what you're saying. It sounds as if we should wait to vote on filling the vacancy until the other officers have taken office, and therefore a vacancy occurs. Correct?
  4. Hello, Our organization just held an election of officers. One newly-elected officer has had to resign before taking office. The officer is the president of a division within the organization, and there is no president-elect of the divisions. This is what our bylaws say: "All officers and elected members of the Executive Board shall take office at the adjournment of the annual conference and serve for a two year term or until their successors take office." In case of a vacancy, the Board appoints someone to fill the rest of the term. But the officer has not yet taken office. The bylaws do not
  5. I confess I hadn't thought of that, but it makes good sense. Thank you for your response.
  6. Correct -- the president can already run for re-election. The major change is the requirement of a 2/3 vote for election.
  7. Thank you for the quick response. The amendment concerns the term of office for president. The amendment already sent to the congregation allows the president to serve 2 years (up from 1 year) and to run for re-election (this part is not new). The proposed amendment to the amendment requires that if the president runs for re-election, it would require a 2/3 vote for election. This to me seems out of the original scope, according to what you've said -- do you agree? Thanks!
  8. Hello all. Our congregation's bylaws require 15 days advance notice of an amendment that will be voted on in a general membership meeting. A member is circulating a proposed amendment to the amendment, and the response so far has been that the amended proposal would need another 15 days notice. Is this the case? Should the membership be able to vote on an amendment to the amendment without this notice? I'm sorry that I can't consult my copy of RONR, but I'm sheltering in place in a different state. I'm sure you all understand. Thanks in advance.
  9. Josh, Thank you for this very good suggestion. Yes, the sense of rudeness is one of the things I was concerned about. I wasn't sure whether it was in order for the board to do this. Everyone, thank you for helping me think through the issues. Much appreciated.
  10. Yes, a few years ago we changed the constitution/bylaws to specifically allow online voting, so that part's ok. So here is the timetable: Vote in fall to change the constitution -- altering officers & board membership. Some officers would then be out of office right away. January midwinter meeting with newly- streamlined board, minus the new office that exists but we haven't yet elected. April election of new officers. June, new officers take office, including the newly-created one. I gather from the comments that this is all ok -- but I'm sure you can see why I was concerned to get th
  11. Should I tell the board that the changes cannot take effect right away? I know we can delay implementation of the changes -- the problem is that the board doesn't want to, and I'm not sure whether that's OK.
  12. Thank you all for your thoughts. I may not have been entirely clear -- apologies, but it's complicated. The organization conducts its elections in online votes, not at the annual meeting. So the election will take place in April, and the new officers are determined before the annual meeting ever starts. The constitutional revision will also be approved in an online vote. (In recent years we have shifted to online voting as a way of involving more members. Many can't travel to attend the meetings.) There is a sense of urgency on the board to streamline the board and council so that fewer peop
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