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  1. Our by laws do not mention "write-in's" for voting. it does says a person can only be nominated for one postion,and can only hold one postion. There is a question between nominated and running for an office and the definition of write in. I was under the impression that write-in's were for open slots(no one nominated or running) and if a person was on the ballot for a postion already they would not be a write in for a second postion. Please could anyone clarify this. Thank You
  2. Just one more question- if point of order was not done at the meeting becuase all information was not there, is it still valid
  3. Can some one interpret this passage please: "President Shall preside at all meetings and decide on all questions of order,"
  4. Can a board president overturn a suspension by the board if he has found that the board did it improperly without evidence and violating another board member right to vote?
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