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  1. Guest

    Officers and Agendas

    We are starting a new school year and our student government failed (due to conflicts between certain students and advisors) to hold an election for new officers. Starting this school year, since the term expired over the summer, what should we do for running a meeting? The past-year's President and Secretary are still at the college, but should they still be in their positions? Fact is: a few of us are exasperated but still trying to keep our government going because this is how our clubs get funding and activities happen on campus. In order to hold elections we have to have an electi
  2. Hello all, We recently had an election in our neighborhood association in which several officers were replaced in the election by officers whom the assembly felt were more in line with the desires of the members of the association. This resulted in a new President, but the old Vice President was not up for election and maintained his position. Shortly before the President left for a vacation, a regular officer's meeting was held and the agenda for the upcoming association meeting was created by the President (as per the bylaws). Once the President had left the country, the Vice President
  3. Guest


    Is it acceptable for the board of directors to add an agenda at a general membership meeting. if allowable can the person who adds an item to that agenda be allowed a specific time limit to present their questions.
  4. We publically post our board meeting agendas and any committee reports to be presented prior to each meeting. Typically, the meetings are conducted in order of the agenda and the recorded minutes match the agenda item. On occasion, during the meeting an agenda item is moved ahead to meet a scheduling conflict. Should the recorded minutes follow the order of the posted agenda or the order in which the item was presented at the meeting (no longer following the posted agenda)?
  5. Bylaws of our local county political party state "The rules contained in the most current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall guide the Executive Committee in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules promulgated by the Republican Party of Texas, or any state or federal statues." The word "agenda" is absent from our bylaws. The term "meeting notices" and "notice" are used. Our bylaws state: "All meeting notices must be in writing and include the date, time, and location of the meeting. A notice must include
  6. If the presiding officer skips over a particular order of business or item of agenda, would it be OK to raise attention to that error by raising a point of order or should a member always use "call for the orders of the day"?
  7. Guest

    Back on the Agenda?

    Local municipality. We follow Roberts Rules with a few exceptions. (One of which, I believe, is that we can reconsider items at the following meeting.) Two committees and a main body. Committees meet separately (though at the same time) before the board meeting, then we have the full board meeting. Often items that are on a committee agenda are also on the full board agenda. We vote in committee, then vote as a board later in the day. Last meeting, staff put an item on a committee agenda and full board agenda. It's a time-sensitive expenditure (if we don't spend the money we lose it) that th
  8. Has anyone been at an AGM where the agenda was not adopted? If so, what would be the next action... Adjourn? Dave
  9. Can 'comments' be added to the agenda at the bottom of an agenda in a Special Meeting?
  10. A member has called a special meeting, in accordance with our bylaws, through a letter to the officers. The letter states that they are calling a special meeting to "discuss our leadership structure." RR and our constitution state that only the stated agenda can be discussed at a special meeting. Since the member's letter only specifies "discussion," with no actionable item to be voted upon, would any voting outside of discussion procedure be considered out of order? If a member moved to dissolve the leadership board or dismiss an officer, wouldn't that be beyond the scope of the stated specia
  11. During our last board meeting, a motion was moved to take an item out of its order on the agenda. I referred to Robert's Rules, section XI, 41 "Taking Up Business Out of It's Proper Order" to determine where the item should appear in the minutes--when it was discussed or the order in where it appeared on the agenda?
  12. Regarding a Board of Directions, if there is an agenda item that requires discussion prior to having a motion and a vote, is there a proper way to limit each directors time on their discussion? We have a board member that dominates discussions and prevents others from getting their points across. This causes the agenda time limit to be exceeded. We are considering using an egg timer so that each person has an allotted time to speak. Is there something specific that needs to be done prior to doing this? Do I need to have a motion to limit the discussion to 3 minutes each and have that approved
  13. I have a question in regard to a "gentleman’s agreement" that is in place as an unspoken policy within my city council. There was a precedence set several years ago that if a council member was not able to be at a council meeting the mayor could remove an item from the agenda with no vote from the rest of the council. I hope the experts would be able to give me some idea if this is "proper" procedure? Any information would be great. Included is a hyperlink to the meeting in question 17:38 is where the topic is spoken about. You will also hear from our city attorney that says this policy is in
  14. Guest

    Agenda Request

    What kind of power does the President/Chair have over the agenda before it is adopted by the membership? If a member sends in an agenda request does the President have to put it on his agenda?
  15. i was denied to be put on the townships agenda for the next tuesday meeting . i want to bring question up at public comments now . how long may i speak and may someone else let me use there time to continue
  16. An agenda item (Approval of Board Agenda) was briefly discussed during the board meeting. The Chair asked if there were any abstentions. The Board replied no. No motion or vote was entertained to approve the baord agenda. Should the minutes be noted to reflect the oversight and have it address at the next Board meeting?
  17. My question will be following the British use of the term 'Lay on the table' as outlined in RONR in the footnote on p.217. On an Agenda would I write those exact words 'Lay on the table' as a heading for tabled items or would I use the heading 'Tabled items'
  18. OK...First, this is a county political party meeting. I am trying to present a resolution (unpopular with the leadership). It will be new business. I am on the agenda to speak re: the topic of my resolution during the "announcements." I haven't publically released my resolution, though I will have copies available prior to our meeting. I want to make sure it is discussed and put into the record. We have not received an agenda in advance, I was just told I was on it. So my questions is this; should I move to be added to the agenda when it up to be approved or just wait until new business to bri
  19. If an agenda is motioned in as accepted with amendments does the secretary write 'person x motioned to approve the amended agenda' or would the secretary write 'person x motioned to approve and adopt the amended agenda.' Of course 'motion carried' would be written after either statement. Could you please also comment if your answer is also true or false with regard to The Minutes. Thank you
  20. At the beginning of the meeting, would you ask for a conflict on interest for any topic on the circulated agenda before you approve the agenda or after the agenda is approved?
  21. Guest

    Agenda Order

    In a recent meeting, the chair had as the first order of business the election of an at large board member. Shouldn't the first order of business after calling the meeting to order be the approval of the agenda?
  22. When making the agenda is okay to have agenda items that state, "Approval of FY2015 Budget" or "Deny Claim of Property Damage"? Or should the items state, "Discuss and Possibly Take Action on FY2015 Budget" and "Discuss and Possibly Take Action on Claim of Property Damage"? I think that the first examples could give the impression that the item WILL be approved, while the latter takes a more neutral stance. I can't seem to find anything in RONR, but could be missing it.
  23. To change our church bylaws. the text of a proposed change must be read at one meeting but can not be voted on until the next meeting. The change was read in our March meeting and was voted on in our next meeting which was in May. However the vote was not listed in the May meeting agenda so anyone not attending the March meeting would not have been aware of the vote. Should the vote have been listed in the May agenda? Thanks in advance for any input.
  24. Does the exact wording of a motion need to be included on a meeting agenda or can the agenda simply note that a Bylaw amendment is being proposed? The Bylaw amendment has already been sent out for review prior to the meeting.
  25. Guest


    At a recent city council meeting, the mayor skipped an agenda item without any comment. There may have been some controversy on this item and people were in attendance because of that item. No comment was made about that by the other council members and the meeting continued until adjournment. My question is simply, is this acceptable? Obviously, it is not nice, but are there any rules about this action?
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