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Found 4 results

  1. Need some help with new business. Can a resolution be offered and voted on in the new business section of an agenda? Or does a resolution need to be provided prior to a meeting?
  2. Our secretary has been keeping minutes but didn't have them prepared to approve at the last meeting. 1) Are we allowed to conduct new business without approving the minutes of the last meeting? 2) If so, how long are we allowed to go without approving the minutes? 3) What rule addresses this topic? Thank you
  3. When two readings of an ordinance are required for passage, should the second reading be placed on the agenda under New Business or Unfinished Business and General Orders. The second reading and approval is not really new business because the ordinance has been read once at a prior meeting and approved for second reading. But is doesn't fit the list on pp. 358-9 of RONR, except possibly (d) a matter "otherwise make a general order" for the present meeting.
  4. There is an item on our agenda that should not be duscussed at this time. It is not in the form of a motion, more of a discussion topic for the group - similar to a program. Since it is listed under New Business, is there a proper way to remove it so that it does not get discussed? By the way, the agenda is already out to the membership.
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