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Found 1 result

  1. Guest

    BOT Pro Tem

    At our last Board of Trustees meeting, it was brought to our attention that if a member of the State Chapter Representative is not able to attend, per Robert's Rules, we are not allowed to have a substitute sit in who has voting rights. All Board members are voted in by the general membership except the State Chapter Representative, who is voted in by their local Chapter. The explanation that was given, per Robert's Rules, since the State Chapter Representative is an elected official, they can not be replaced with a Pro Tem. Below is what is written in our Bylaws and Guidelines, but we are being told that this is a conflict with Robert's Rules. My question: Are we in conflict with Robert's Rules by allowing a Pro Tem to sit on the BOD with the way our Bylaws are written? Article XII - Conduct of Business All business of the Corporation shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order, if not otherwise specified in these Bylaws or Guidelines. Guideline 4 - State Chapter Representative Pro Tem G4.1 In the absence of a Member Chapter's State Representative at a meeting of the State Board of Trustees, a majority of the Member Chapter's Individual Members and Commercial Members present may elect one of their members to serve as the State Chapter Representative Pro Tem. All help is appreciated.
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