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Found 4 results

  1. My board has an Executive position that has become defunct due to changes in different services, operational procedures and external relationships that no longer exist. Question - there is no language in our Bylaws that states how we remove a position from our Board. Everything we do have is for removing a person within that position. Are we able to not reappoint this position or offer this position in our upcoming Executive Elections? We would be removing the position from our Board once the current individual in that position has finished their term. -If so, would this have to b
  2. Hello, Recently I've been faced with an issue in my Student Association with regard to how to remove a member of a constitutionally supported standing committee (e.g. our Constitution required this committee to exist). I myself am the subject in question. After an in depth review of our bylaws, the only statute that exists with regard to removal states that the "appointing office" may remove the member at their discretion. My question is: I was recommended for this appointment by the Speaker of the Assembly, pending the approval of the Representative body. Would that then mean that the "ap
  3. O.K. New to this forum. So I hope this works. Have a Booster board for local HS sports team. The bylaws require that a board member must have a student on the team to sit on the board. The President and VP kids either did not make the team or are academically ineligible. So they can not sit on the board. The President wishes to stay and has asked the Treasurer to make a motion to change the bylaws. The Secretary is against it since it would then render the bylaws pointless. There are only 4 positions, President, V.P., Secretary, Treasurer. Question 1. If the Treasurer does make this mo
  4. Guest

    Removal of officers

    I have read your previous posts on removal of officers without a hearing and the key words were OR and Until, but what about, Said trustees so elected shall serve AS SUCH, until their successors are duly elected and qualified. Is that the same thing as OR?
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