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  1. Hi all... If I am posting our organizations bylaws in hopes that folks will be willing to take a quick run through to evaluate and offer suggestions? Just want to see where we are before we start moving ahead. Be advised that the general membership of this group is approx. 50 members. Also, obviously, I have changed the name of the school as a courtesy. Thanks...Mister Bob CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS OF THE CASTING CROWNS HIGH SCHOOL BAND BOOSTERS, INC. Article I. Name and Authority Section 1.01 The name of the organization shall be Casting Crowns High School Band Boosters, Inc. and shal
  2. I've been talking to the gentleman in our church society who is probably the only other member who actually cares about our bylaws, and parliamentary procedure, and such. He's been a member for many decades, and has an encyclopædic knowledge of the bylaws (having been on several bylaws committees). According to this gentleman, the bylaws under which we are now operating were never adopted. He believes that changes were "slipped in" by various pastors or board members over the past (somewhat tumultuous) decade or so. I'm inclined to believe him, and, I'm sure the minutes of past meetings are wo
  3. Our youth sports board has not followed or up dated bylaws since 2006. I got on the board 2 years ago and have met a lot of resistance to follow them. We have husband and wives as officers of the board. The Treasurer is lax at doing her job and has had other people do her deposits for her. Now that we have new blood on the board, that I help recruit, is trying to convert them to do things her way. She and her husband are officers on the board and were going to share the board, however she has now convinced the new president that she should remain treasurer while her husband is another off
  4. Our Business Meetings are once every 2 years. We want to add a new VP position to the ByLaws and install the person at the same meeting, but the installation of new officers is prior to the Business Meeting. Do we have to wait 2 years to install the new VP?
  5. Hello everyone! I have the following situation: A bylaws amendment brought forward by me on behalf of a group was rejected by our parent organization for two reasons - one that we did not define a term used in the amendment, and secondly that part of the language was not clear as to our intentions. She did not reject the amendment on matter of its purpose, though. The president of our organization does not want to see this amendment go forward. She has asked that the bylaws committee look at it, and the bylaws committee chair is dragging her feet. Per our bylaws, I have the right to bring forw
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