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Found 4 results

  1. Does the chair or chairman have the prerogative to not recognize a duly made motion?
  2. I am on a seven member, relatively insignificant, town committee. We practice Parliamentary procedure very loosely, which in this case is not completely inappropriate, but I feel that our new chair is taking advantage of the situation. First, at our last meeting the first chairman announced that he was going to resign and, in the same statement, nominated his successor, and without a second, called a vote, which passed unanimously. The new chair then, nominated the vice chairman. She did wait for a second, then the vote was called and it passed unanimously. I did not disapprove of the changes in roles, but thought the process should have played out differently. I thought it would have been more judicious if the chairman had resigned at the close of the last meeting, then nominations The chair writes the agenda and this next meetings includes this as it's first item of business: "Chairman’s statement for entry into the record." Is this appropriate?
  3. Can an organization's executive board vote in 2 co-chairmen of a standing committee? The bylaws say there will be "a chairman" of each standing committee. ----Note: I don't see how 2 people could preside, but that's not the initial question.
  4. The Executive Board of a local committee has a rather reluctant chairman who cancels any (Exec Board) meetings when anyone, other than himself, requests one. I cannot find any reference as to who may call a meeting anywhere in the committee's bylaws, its plan of organization or RROR. I'm hoping to cite a specific section in Robert's (if one exists) since I'm anticipating further pushback from the chairman. Thanks in advance. George
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