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Found 10 results

  1. My organization is about to have elections. How to we determine who speaks first between a challenger and an incumbent?
  2. The town I live in states that they adhere to Robert's rules. The city attorney told me to consult Robert's Rules of Order. The procedure for a citizen(me) to speak before the Mayor and council is to request to be on the agenda at least 72 hrs before any regular scheduled mayor/council meeting and give a 1 sentence description of the topic. My topic being that the local municipal judge appointed by the local mayor is being investigated by the State Attorney General's office as evidenced by a press release from the attorney general's website stating such. I gave such description , and was listed on the agenda. The Mayor in this instance is the Chair. It came my turn to speak and the Chair stated, "you have 3 minutes to speak on the topic that I listed." I spoke for about 10 seconds from a prepared statement quoting the State Attorney General and the Mayor/Chair said, " I have heard enough out of you. I am shutting you down right now." I stopped speaking for a second and then started speaking again. The Mayor shouted back," I am not going to listen to you talk about our municipal judge that way, you are done." I asked about my 3 minutes to speak and that every other citizen that spoke before me got their 3 minutes to speak. He stated that he could cut off anyone he wanted whenever he wanted. I guess my question is this---based on the information before you, is this person "out of order"? Can he do exactly what he says he can do? and exactly as he did?
  3. I know that nominations can be debated, but I need to know if that also means that members can ask direct questions of the candidates during the debate.
  4. Guest

    Rescind vs Reconsider

    How would you explain the difference between rescind and reconisder? With a general understanding, how would you debate on each? I don't see the difference in the way you would debate reconsider/rescind, particularly in an FFA demo. Is it debated the same way? An example would be awesome, but any clarification is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Guest

    Rescind vs Reconsider

    How would you explain the difference between rescind and reconisder? With a general understanding, how would you debate on each? I don't see the difference in the way you would debate rescind or reconisder, especially in an FFA demonstration. Any clarification is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Guest

    Elections and Debate

    In the election of officers, is the assembly entitled to debate in the same way as in a main motion. In other words, isn't an election the question of who shall we elect as president or secretary or whatever office? (A citation to Robert's Rules would be helpful.) So, the converse, if an election isn't a question before the assembly, how is the issue of discussion fairly handled? The issue revolves around rule-making to limit the time and the people who may speak for candidates. If an overall time-limit for a candidate is set at, say, 10 minutes and only that candidate can choose who speaks (whether or not the candidate or the speakers chosen are eligible to vote or members of the assembly), isn't that a limitation on the assembly to discuss the candidates for the office? And if it is a limitation, does it not require a 2/3 vote to gain approval either as part of a set of rules or as a motion?
  7. At the preceding meeting, a main motion being debated was properly postponed to the current meeting. It is taken up at the proper time in the meeting. With regard to debate, is the "clock" regarding the number of times a member may speak on the motion reset, or should a tally have been kept from the previous meeting as to the number of times each member has already spoken on the motion?
  8. Okay, so if an organization has two types of members (A and B ), and Member type B is permitted to vote on everything except bylaws and matters dealing with finances, does that mean that Member B should be considered "out of order" if he/she tries to make and/or debate motions that deal with those particular topics? (Hmmm. I have such a sense of deja vu...) Louise
  9. I am a new school board member seeking a solution to a problem I have encountered. If we have an item on our agenda can we discuss it BEFORE a motion is made. My board currently does not allow discussion of an item of business until after a motion has been made and seconded. This leads to problems when particularly controversial or unclear issues are presented to the board. Is there a way to allow discussion to occur before a proper motion is made?
  10. The president of our organization has decided that we are to have a special meeting. It was put together at the last minute and we are receiving the agenda less than two days before the meeting. In this special meeting, the agenda lists questions that are eligible for discussion and those that are not (the president says we have had ample time for discussion via email). Therefore, we will vote immediately on some questions. The meeting is limited in time (one hour) and we have been told the following: if we don't decide, the president will decide. In addition, the president has threatened that if the meeting is "unprofessional" or if anyone acts inappropriately, the meeting will adjourn and she will make the decisions for us. I don't know that I even need to ask this...how do we as an organization respond to this sort of situation? It seems clear to me that the president has overstepped her role. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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